Hello, I'm Kirstie

I've been working in the hairdressing industry since I was the tender age of 14 although my love for hair goes back way further.

My career started off as a Saturday girl washing and sweeping hair in a little salon of a family friend (in fact I still work from there part time all these years later). When it came to leaving school and choosing a career it was no brainer! All I wanted to do was hairdressing! So I began my college course full time at a local college and carried on with my Saturday job. I loved the balance of the structured course at college and then the creativity of working in a salon.

I qualified in 2008 and then started working full time at the same salon where I could go from just washing the hair to actually creating the hair! Needless to say I was excited and eager to get to it. Luckily the salon was very patient with me in the start and let me create some not so fabulous hair styles. Think of the phrase ‘Don’t run before you can walk’ well that was me. I wanted to do it all but didn’t necessarily have the knowledge and experience to pull it off!  After a couple of years I went on to achieve my level 3 in Hairdressing.

Fast forward some 6 years and I had the opportunity to start running my own business; a little ‘seed of my own’. From then till now I have been growing that seed and now I have decided to branch out further and open my Home Salon. I’m super excited by this and who knows where the future may take me.

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